Tarot vs Oracle cards

I have been a student of the Tarot for over 45 years now and I know that the fact that *I* know the difference between Tarot cards and other types of decks doesn’t mean that it’s common knowledge!  Simply put, Tarot is an ancient system of fortune telling or oracle cards.  It’s not the only one out there by a long shot!  Although there are examples of Tarot cards dating back to the mid-15th century, the deck as we know it was standardized in the late-19th century by Arthur Waite and Pamela Coleman-Smith who were members of the Hermetically Order of the Golden Dawn.

I recently decided to explore one particular alternative type of cartomancy – the Lenormand deck.  The deck was created by Marie Anne Lenormand (1772 – 1843) a famous French fortune teller  in the Napoleonic era.  Like the Tarot there are many versions.  It is a system of 36 cards, taken from a standard deck of playing cards.  Each of the 36 is assigned a designation like The Rider, The Ship, The Book.

Here is a summary of the differences.  The Tarot has 78 cards vs 36 for Lenormand.  Tarot has two parts; major and minor Arcana.  In the Lenormand all cards are given equal weight.  When a Tarot card is reversed it changes the meaning.  Lenormand cards are always read right side up.  The meaning of  Lenormand cards is dependent on proximity to other cards and they are read in combination with each other.
Magus carries many different Tarot decks and many Lenormand decks.  Picking a deck can be a wonderful adventure, looking at all the different art work and styles and choosing one that speaks to you.  We also carry many other types of oracle cards.  Come on in and explore!

-Carol, Tarot Reader

Bathtub Conversions

I’ve never been very good at taking care of myself. I’ve struggled with healthy food choices and making sure I get physical activity every day. There was a time in college when even showering seemed to be optional. But over the past few years I’ve really changed my tune. I make wise choices and hit the gym several times a week. Yet, when it comes to the simple acts of self-care, I still find ways in which I need to tend to my self-care more.

I’ve incorporated a relaxing, stress-relieving, and revitalizing practice into my self-care routine: a weekly bath. Mela, the Massage Master of Magus, advised me to take a bath after getting a massage from her. I bought some Epsom salts and headed home to do just that. I put on some soft music, dumped in my bag of salt, added several dashes of essential oils, and had the best bath I’d ever had. No lie. No joke.

The following day I went to Liz, Magus co-owner and Head Herbalist, asking what I can do to make my bath-time even better. She suggested I take the Minerals for the Bath class. I did just that and was not disappointed. I learned all about the different kinds of salts and what kind of aromatherapy oils I could add to the bath salt to make my experience even better. I picked up a copy of 500 Recipes for Aromatherapy by Carol Schiller (which has the most ridiculous late 80’s/early 90’s cover) and started blending my own bath salts.

I now take a bath every Tuesday night. It relaxes both my muscles and my anxieties. Epsom salt is especially good at removing lactic acid from the muscles. I work out several times a week and have noticed that this helped keep my mucles free of soreness and relaxed, yet toned. Now that it’s the dead of winter, I’m able to get warm and the essential oils I’ve blended up make me smell like the spirit of Christmas incarnate. My favorite is to put about 25 drops of Juniper Berry, Fir, or Coriander is wonderful and warming additions. For a more healing and soothing bath try Rosemary and Tea Tree.  I’ve added Eucalyptus Oil to the Rosemary and Tea Tree for a friend who wanted that cool and awakening blend.

Self care allows us to be more present in our everyday life. I’ve known practicing self care to be vitally important, especially for caretakers in need of taking care of themselves. Taking just 20 minutes for yourself can really help with burning out. I’ve seen dear friends implode because they we devoting too much time to their jobs and their social lives, rather than taking time to practice self love. And it can be practiced in so many forms. This includes making real commitments to going to the gym more often, making better and more flavorful choices of food, and devoting time for myself when at home.

I’d never been a bath taker. Maybe once or twice a year just to be good to myself. We’ll not anymore! Baths are now an essential component to how I take care of myself. They are phenomenal way to nurture and distress. I’ve even noticed a difference in my performance in the gym and at work.  I couldn’t recommend a better self-care practice.

– by Markus K. Ironwood

GORGE on Goodness; Resolutions Revolt!

Resolutions SUCK. We make them, we break them, we ignore them & hope we’ll just magickally be better next year.

I say: DOWN with Resolutions! Instead, how about this: We choose to Gorge ourselves with Goodness!

This could mean choosing your favorite healthy food (me, I love avacados) and let yourself GORGE on and revel in how great it is. Taking the standpoint that you are not only going to give yourself good things, but that you will gorge yourself on them. Don’t resolve to deny and deprive yourself; instead decide on the things you want More of in your daily, weekly, or monthly life and fill as many of your days as you can with it. Massage would be a great thing to Gorge out on. Making and drinking Kombucha would be a great thing to gorge yourself with. Taking a weekly ritual bath with essential oils is another great example of something you could do more of — Gorge yourself in and with — as a way to enhance and better your life.

Revolt on Resolution making! Gorge on that which expands your health and wellbeing! Shine light on what you want more of in life, and watch your life Expand in glorious ways!

-Mela, Store Owner


Or: How I stopped scoffing and lived the questions instead!


Okay, I get it, you are a busy person. I really do. It is so easy to get bogged down in the day to day work we all do and forget to take time to feed yourself physically let alone spiritually. I also get how that last sentence may make you cringe a little- “feed yourself spiritually?” Really? Being a bit of a cynic, I often find myself somewhat put off by characterizations like “finding your inner goddess” or “energetic manifestation” or “letting Jesus take the wheel.” If I can, I’d like to explain to you what I mean, and regardless of the language I use, I hope you can find some meaning in it. So please suspend that good ol’ disbelief for a moment with me. Cool? Thanks!

Have you ever heard a song in a concert or on the radio and felt a strong connection to it? I know I have. I can still hear songs and remember exactly where I was emotionally and physically when I first heard it. The same can be said for literature and other forms of art. I think many of us read something we never would have picked up ourselves in an English class and had our minds totally blown by it. Sometimes these moments happen in the car when we hear someone make an excellent point on the radio that resonates with truth. These experiences form a deep connection for us and can be relived any time we open that book or play that record again, if we are lucky enough to remember them.

A reality of my life is that sometimes I feel utterly drained. Sometimes I have given so much to others that I have nothing left for myself. Other times I struggle to see the point in it all. It is in these moments that my natural inclination is to reach for a way to connect; whether back to myself, or to something else. These connections lift me out of my current mental state, they challenge me to think or remind me of why I believe what I believe. Sometimes, however, the struggle is real.

That brings me to that word up there in the title- Prayerbooking. I sense that disbelief returning. I was first introduced to the concept my senior year of college in an interfaith discussion group. I too scoffed a little at the title. Prayerbooking? Sounds like a fancy religious scrapbook. Not exactly. In our group we met every week or so over several months, each meeting focusing on a topic of spiritual or emotional significance. We discussed everything from our religious backgrounds to favorite poems. We recorded those meaningful passages individually with the goal of eventually sharing them. Each person presented their “Prayerbook” differently. Some had simple journals with handwritten copies of book quotes, others had mix cd’s; my prayerbook was a hand bound book of clips, pictures, song lyrics, and poetry. In the end we all had our own little personal meaningful guide that we could reach for at any time to experience once more those pieces that truly mattered to us.

I can’t tell you how many times since then I have picked that book up. I reach for it when there are more questions than answers. I reach for it when I need to refuel after a long and stressful week. The best part of it is that it never has to be finished. Each time I experience something that I want to remember I can add it to my book. It is a physical reminder that, despite my cynicism, I do need to connect to something outside of myself, to recharge my energetic battery and reconnect to the bigger picture. Through this process I came to know myself better, I came to enjoy the questions I couldn’t answer, and I let my guard down. It is my belief that this vulnerable practice is exactly the type of experience that we are all craving but cannot put a finger on. Maybe through such practices we can discover that the questions we ask may be in different languages, they may come from different religious and cultural backgrounds, but they are strikingly similar. We are all looking for connection and meaning. If we can learn to live with the questions we cannot answer and find significance in that journey maybe, just, maybe we could all get along. But don’t ask me. I’m a cynic.

-Abbey, Marvelous Minion



They want to discuss a flawed premise that it is our physical conditions that make us happy or unhappy. We set out to get happy by trying to control all the conditions around ourselves, i.e. certain standard of living, certain goals that we want to obtain, surrounding ourselves with a nice house, nice car, nice clothes, etc. And we think this is the key to our happiness/unhappiness. But many times once we obtain our goals and are surrounded by what we thought would make us happy, we are still unhappy.

ALSO on the other end of the stick, many, many people are unhappy now, because they have not obtained what they want and so they are unhappy all day long, because they don’t have what they want in life.

So this is why so many super successful people still aren’t happy, and this is why so many people keep themselves for most of their lives in a state of “incompleteness” and unhappiness. They don’t realize how to get happy. They think that the Universe should give them what they want FIRST and THEN they’ll be happy. BUT that just puts a barrier in between them and happiness, because of the way the Universe is set up.

The message here is to understand that your desires tell you where you want to put your focus in your life, but they should not control your happiness in this moment. You make yourself happy from the inside out. Not the outside in. Do not require certain conditions be met for your happiness, because it won’t work anyway.

7 OF PENTACLES: This is about someone trying to exert their will to make conditions the way they want them to be.

KING OF CUPS: This is about someone who has successfully controlled their conditions to how they want them to be, but they still feel like something is missing.

STRENGTH: This is about feeling like you’ll feel happy when that thing off in the future happens. But for now you’re not happy, because you don’t have that condition met yet.

ACE OF PENTACLES: This goes with STRENGTH: She is focused on that one thing that she thinks will make her happy. The pentacle is symbolic of having a “one track mind” where is focused on that thing she wants (which is a good thing), except she’s not happy right now, because she doesn’t have it yet.

*The Elders are a compilation of All Knowing souls described by Holly as “God energy” that speak to Holly in one voice.


Healing stones were one of the first things I was drawn to as I became more spiritually awakened. They are versatile and useful, and very pleasing to the eye.

Hematite was the first stone I ever gravitated towards instinctually. It is mainly used for grounding and protection. I essentially use it for protection but it can be used for many other things as well. It can even be used in the corners of a room or property to help protect and ward off negativity. Hematite is beneficial with mental organization and logical thinking. Emotionally it is calming and decreases negativity. It also has the capability to boost self-esteem. Physically it has been known to cool the body and blood disorders, along with lessening anxiety. Hematite is a wonderful stone, essential in any collection.

-Lily McNamara, Magus Reader

My massage experience with Alythia

Recently, Alythia (our new massage therapist apprentice at Magus) and I decided to commit ourselves to a daily Yoga routine together.  An added bonus to that is that I get to have the opportunity to sample Alythia’s massage therapy skills which she acquired working at Juut Salon, and being trained at Aveda.  Alythia is an apprentice under Magus’ master massage therapist Mela.  And it is paying off!  After an intense Yoga session involving several moon salutations and difficult balancing and stretching postures, Alythia was kind enough to give me a much needed massage.  

First off, she and I share a similar taste in music…heavy friggen metal!  This was the first time I got to experience a massage with death metal playing, and I felt right at home.  Alythia also incorporated a chakra analysis at the beginning of the session in which she scanned my chakras and then presented me with a few different herbal chakra oil choices.  I ended up choosing the crown chakra oil, and the smell was very pleasant and uplifting as she worked the oil through my sore muscles.  

Without even explaining to Alythia where a lot of my spinal issues were, she managed to find them and go town on them.  Her massage started off fairly gentle and soothing, but once she found those problem areas she was would not stop until they were eased!  This hurt me to some degree, but it was the good kind of hurt because I honestly felt like she popped out every single knot and ache in there!  Because of this I have nicknamed her the Spine Ninja.  She perceived the sources of my body’s pain better than I can, and annihilated the crap out of it!  

As a result of her amazing skills she learned more about what types of Yoga I would need to do to work these issues out.  Also, throughout the day I was in an incredibly good and uplifted mood.  I truly look forward to continue to receive healing help from Alythia in the future and I would recommend her to anyone who was in need of some spinal work.  I have no doubt that she has excellent skills in other areas of the body, and I am proud to have her aboard our Magus team.

-Kyle Ford, Magus Minion and Assistant Manager

In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions:


In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions:

The Elders would like to educate us on how our thoughts play a very important role in the successes of our resolutions. They suggest rather than thinking of our resolution as something you’re “going to start” or “going to stop” doing in the next year, (Page of SWORDS), they recommend we see what we can immediately do NOW in this moment with our thoughts to get ourselves in gear in that direction, rather then perpetuating what are are currently NOT, (CHARIOT). (See card definitions below).

Think of starting that future resolution right now. So, for instance, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds they are suggesting you just say, “I live a healthy lifestyle starting now. This is who I am now. I NOW am a super healthy living being.” And you go forth and BE THAT. You want to be healthy, then you just start making decisions that make you feel healthy no matter how big or small. The more think of yourself AS THAT, the more your old habits will shift over to these new habits of healthier living.

If you believe you are something, then you will naturally BE THAT, because you feel the best about your decisions when they align with who you are. And who you are is who you THINK you are. NOT your current physical state of being. That is who you have been and have already become. There is a lag between our thoughts and what our physical life becomes. So jump out ahead of yourself and BE that now. Visualize yourself at your goal weight and watch your physical shell comfortably start migrating toward THAT.



PAGE OF SWORDS: This is us keeping ourselves in a state of “having not done that yet.” This young page has been trained with his sword but he has not yet used it.

CHARIOT: Each Sphinx is pulling the chariot in an equal and opposite direction, which makes it go nowhere.

*”The Elders” is whom Holly coined the “God energy” souls that started talking to her in 2007 and have been working with her ever since. They are All Knowing and come to Holly as undefined number of souls that speak to her in one voice. Her Spirit Guide, Andre, is also one of these Elders.

Cranio Sacral & Shiatsu Treatment

What is a CranioSacral session like, and how does it differ from massage?

A CranioSacral session is one of the most deeply profound modalities of massage I have ever had the pleasure of receiving as well as giving.

First, from the receiving perspective:

With massage, your muscles are continually being manipulated with the intent to relax. With CranioSacral, you invite your body to release and relax itself. You commune and listen to your body, and let it guide you towards healing and embracing wellness. Sometimes the body is not ready to release an area, and this can be for a wide variety of reasons. To remove or release a blockage before the body is ready can cause great distress to the body. Both the practitioner and recipient need to listen and communicate with the body to determine to what extent it is ready to release.

For being so seemingly light of touch and subtle, to me, it can seem more relaxing than sleep. Like a meditative state, it’s almost trance like. I find myself being able to delve into my body, into the cells themselves, and reach beyond into the nothingness, and then find the energy that fills and flows within my body. Because it is about listening to the body, and letting the body guide and direct the practitioner, every session is unexpected and different. A CranioSacral session leaves me feeling quiet, calm, and centered yet very awakened and alert.

On a physical body level, you unwind. Blockages un-recognized normally are opened and cleared.  Mentally, receiving a session is similar to a deep meditation in which you are acutely aware and all that exists is the present moment to moment. Emotionally, you can listen and hear the messages that your body has stored within it for you. Spiritually you are given opportunity to connect to your Inner Physician, that part of you that knows exactly what ails you and what you need to heal.

On a purely physical basis, one of my favorite parts of CranioSacral work is the amazing relief it can give for jaw pain. Anyone who has TMD, TMJ, or just clenches their jaw during sleep or stress understand how awful this pain can be. CranioSacral has some marvelous inter-oral techniques that can unwind and release a tight jaw. It’s wonderful to experience especially after a visit to the dentist, or a long night of clenching & grinding in your sleep. Many remark after a session of how they feel more open and more “space” in their body, especially in the head.

It’s always amazing to me how much movement and shifting I can feel taking place within my body. I know many who report seeing a rainbow of colors or lights in different areas of the body. While I haven’t had this experience, I do “see” the shifts as they happen. It’s Really Neat.

From a practitioner’s point of view:

I approach each body with respect and reverence. It is a great gift to be invited to participate with a person on their healing journey. I acknowledge that I am there to assist them on their journey and tend to their needs. It is not mine to decide where it is they need to go and take them there. It is my place to listen deeply to the person and their body, and remind them of it’s inherent healing ability.

In massage, there is often an agenda: Get the person to relax. The therapist takes on this responsibility, and does whatever they deem necessary to get that job done. It is like barging into the body, and giving commands and directions like a foreman would direct his construction team. With CranioSacral, I, the practitioner come to the body as a guest to the home of the body. I knock on the door, and wait to be invited in. I sit patiently and quietly and listen to the homeowner, who guides me through the home of their body.

I only go where invited; just as you can close a door to a room you don’t want a guest to see, you choose what areas of access I am given. I have had clients who were concerned that I was going to see into the deep dark parts of their soul: that’s not how it works. I do not trespass or stumble into areas of the body or psyche.

It is important for the practitioner to remain in what we call Neutral stance for the full session. It is not about pushing or pulling the person in any way; it is about deeply listening and then responding appropriately.

What to expect in a session beginning to end:

CranioSacral is preformed through comfortable clothing. Many wear yoga pants and a t-shirt. CranioSacral is done in the prone position: with the person laying on their back facing the ceiling. We begin the session by me listening to you verbally; we discuss what is going on with your body, what you want me to address, and what your personal goals for the session are.

There are multiple ways I can and do assess the body, which may include me asking you to stick out your tongue, or just having you stand while I scan your energetic/magnetic body.

I usually like to begin having the person face down, and doing Shiatsu techniques. This helps to ground and center a person into their body. I then have the person turn over, and then we begin the CranioSacral session. The session may be done on the purely physical level, or we may explore the emotional and spiritual depths of the body. We may dive deep down, and resurface, and bob up and down in the layers of the person, depending on what they want and need. I often share the impressions I receive, and let you decide what to do with them.

At the end, I help you to re-ground and re-integrate. I leave you for a few minutes to let you absorb and regroup from the session. We then discuss how you feel, impressions you received, and you go on your merry way. I recommend not planning anything after a CranioSacral session, as it can be so profound that you may want to take time to yourself to journal the experience.

When should you get a CranioSacral session?

CranioSacral is a great idea whenever you feel a need to explore and integrate yourself.

It’s helpful for if you’ve just been to the dentist and need relief from jaw pain.

It’s wonderful to receive one previous to or following a magickal initiation or spiritual transformation.

It’s a good idea if you want a calming and centering, yet very deep and profound experience of bodywork.

Nighttime Prayer

This is a nighttime prayer that is appropriate for any and all, and is a nice way to end the day and enter the SlumberLand:

I soften my mind and heart to rest

And pray that self & soul be blessed

I release this days frustrations and guilt

Embracing compassionate forgiveness like a quilt

Though fear may attack and assail me

I am protected: Divinely and Preciously

May I be grateful of the bountiful blessings in life

Rather than feeding & amplifying the strife

Great Powers that Be, Both Within and Outside of Me!

Please Bless and Protect my entire system of support

With Love and Light

Through every night.