An Immortal Series

When I first arrived at Magus and saw Tamora Pierce’s Immortals series on our fiction shelves, I couldn’t help but smile. Throughout my teenage years I was obsessed with Pierce’s books. After receiving Squire, the third book in the Lady Protector series as a gift, I tore through her catalogue, reading pretty much everything she’d written up until that point.


Though I loved all her series, the Immortals quartet was definitely one of my favorites. It follows

Veralidaine (called Diane), an orphan bastard, who discovers she has the ability to communicate with animals when she’s in her early teens. Set in Pierce’s world of Tortall, the series takes us through Diane’s adventures as her powers evolve and she grows up. It is a rollicking good time with great coming-of-age themes and an intriguing bit of sweet romance. Diane is a smart, strong heroine supported by a fun cast of characters. Recommended for fantasy readers in middle school and up.

-Katta Hules, Magus Minion