Chakra Stones: Sacral Chakra

As we continue to move up the Kundalini to the sacral chakra, the second chakra of the main seven. This chakra correlates with inner child work, sexual organs, life’s purpose, and addiction.


A classic stone that is commonly associated with the sacral chakra is carnelian. It is readily available at most holistic or crystal shops. This stone grounds and anchors you to present reality. It stimulates creativity and motivation, removes fear of death and promotes positive life choices. It also restores vitality. Carnelian is used to overcome abuse of any kind, the inner child, who holds trauma lives in the sacral chakra. Protects against rage, envy and resentment. Improves analytical abilities, it is a stone full of life force. The physical benefits are extensive, ranging from increasing fertility, helping with lower back pain and arthritis especially in the elderly. Carnelian has the ability to regulate bodily fluids and kidneys.


Another stone useful for the health of the sacral chakra is orange calcite. Calcite naturally comes in several colors, that share common healing characteristics, orange resonates most with the second chakra. It is known to be highly energizing and cleansing. It can balance emotions and remove fear, helpful in overcoming depression. This stone maximized potential while letting problems dissipate. Physically it helps to heal the reproductive system, gall bladder and intestinal disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

-Lily, Magus Reader