Synchronistic Rune, Algiz or Eolh

Sharing what I would consider magical synchronicity is not something I would normally do, but I felt compelled to in this instance as it offers a learning experience for those who may be interested in runic work.  It also provides an example regarding the phenomena of synchronicities when working with any kind of magickal path. I have been interested in and working with the runes and norse magic (more particularly the path of Seid, which to sum up briefly is the shamanic part of Scandinavian indigenous practices) for quite some time now.  I have found in my study and work with the runes that it is best for me to allow the runes to show up in my life as they may, and try not to strictly rely on EXACTLY what the references in runic  books say.  Not that this information is something to disregard, I find that its incredibly useful to look within yourself and use YOU OWN intuition when determining what exactly is calling out to you.  Often I find as a ceremonial magickian, we tend to forget that within us exists a natural magician, one who should be close with the Earth and her mysteries.  I see too many who rely on how to do things “by the book” and for some this may be beneficial, but for me it is very constricting for one who likes to stay on the primal side of witchcraft.

Recently I took a much-needed vacation up to the boundary waters in Minnesota with my spouse, and I found this particular rune greeting me a few times.  There were instances when I was outside and saw the rune within just a few branches laid out in front of me, largely displaying itself within a silhouette of a dead tree reaching up towards the sky at dusk, and within the wood pattern on the bunk bed that was in our cabin.  Now, runes are very “naturally occurring” because this is the way in which they were discovered by Odhin, so I can see where it would be arguable that they are just natural lines appearing in nature.  But this makes them all the more relevant!  

Algiz represents coming to know the “higher consciousness” or being closer with the divine, and it is also indicative of a new positive influence coming in to your life.  It is also a very strong protection rune.  Personally, the rune represents a key for bridging the gap between my two areas of magickal craft that I work with; Seid (Norse shamanism) and a very distinct area of ceremonial magick.  The two lines to the left and right are these specific paradigms and the center line being my own path which brings these two together.

-Kyle Ford, Magus Manager