Spiritual Practices: Morning Meditation

I’m often asked what my spiritual practices are here at Magus by guests. While I do have a set of meditations and rituals I do on a daily or monthly basis, I consider service to be a major component of my spiritual practice. Being there for my friends and family in times of need is a core ethic of mine. Working in the shop and helping people get the herbs they need or selecting the right book for them is part of my practice.

This month I’m offering you my daily meditation. It’s evolved over time, but takes elements from Kundalini yoga* and grounding and centering practices from various pagan traditions**. I know this isn’t a traditional form of mediation and isn’t sanctioned by any overarching authority, but it works for me and I find it prepares me for the day ahead.

I begin by turning off my alarm. I really don’t like silence, but in the quiet of the morning, I find it is the most peaceful time to sit and truly enjoy the silence. I sit in front of my altar. I might light a candle, depending on if I have the time to devote to it. Most mornings I don’t light a candle unless I’m going to meditate for more than 5 minutes, or do some other specific work.

After breathing deep for a few moments, I bring my attention to the base of my spine and my legs. I feel myself being grounded and supported by the earth. I’ll visualize roots descending into the ground and soaking up the dark and nurturing energy.  Then, I’ll massage my feet, ankles, and calves and with my breath draw up the energies.

I visualize my root chakra, and see what arises in my mind or body. I take note of thoughts and feelings that come up. I visualize or perceive the color or density the chakra. I do this in ascending order all the way through my body. I keep breathing up earth energy until I’m filled all the way up. Depending on the time I have that morning, I might spend more or less time in one chakra over another.

After going through each chakra and having my body filled with earth energy, I breathe it up and visualize branches going into the heavens. Each branch reaches out to the stars and draws down the cool blue fire of starlight. I continue to breathe in deep, slow, and calm. I let the star energy mix with the earth energy in my core, in the place between my pelvis and my heart. I breathe this combination into a sphere around my body, filling my space, my room, and expanding out into the world around me. I take several moments to breathe in the space connected to earth and heavens and my surrounding community. I see the ways in which I influence the world and how the world influences me. I might sense patterns or specific flows of energy.

Slowly I bring my attention back to my body, open my eyes, and journal a few notes about what I experienced with my chakras, or with my body, or where energy flowed slow or quick. I then go about the rest of my morning routine feeling centered, alive, and move with confidence through the rest of the day. I definitely notice the days when I don’t do this practice, or some variation on it. I recommend trying this, or parts of it, to anyone looking to formulate a daily meditation practice.

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-By Markus K Ironwood