Chakras and Stones

Chakras are energy centers in the body with 7 main chakras going up the spine. Each chakra has different stones to help it stay balanced and healthy. The first chakra is the root chakra, a common stone correlated with the root chakra is red jasper.

Red jasper has a grounding vibration that makes it ideal when working with the root chakra. It is also helpful with emotional equilibrium. This stone enhances insight into personal difficulties and provides a strong sense of stability. It is effective in stimulating the kundalini, also used in dream work to help with recall. Red jasper can also be used for protection as well as aiding with physical disorders with the heart and diabetes. Red jasper is a wonder stone to start root chakra work.

Another useful stone with the root chakra is garnet. Garnet is slightly more expensive than red jasper and worth the investment especially if you are working with depression or anger issues as it brings light and joy in. It stimulates survival instinct, willpower and courage. Garnet is a useful tool for relationships of all kinds. Also a grounding stone that works with kundalini energy as well as protection. This stone carries a fire like energy that regenerates and revitalizes.

Either of these stones would be an excellent addition to a chakra set or to start chakra work. When doing chakra work it is advantageous to start from the root and move up.

-Lily, Magus Reader