The Body is a Machine

“Man is a machine” is not completely accurate… though it’s not completely inaccurate either.

I had this realization that the body is a machine. The best example is when I (or anyone) might wake up in the middle of the night for some reason, and begin to perform an action before consciousness is in the body. For example, I have woken up sweating in the middle of the night, and before I am there to be conscious in my body, it has already taken actions that I don’t recall at a later moment. Or rather, consciousness returns to me in the middle of an action.

The point here is that the body has a capacity of it’s own. We, whomever that is, are truly sitting in a vehicle, observing the world around us through this machine. Maybe we truly are a collective consciousness trying to understand itself. Now, I have read and accepted this concept for a while now, but it is finally something tangible for me. To really see the fact that the body is a machine. A strange, organic machine that has the ability to function without consciousness, and with consciousness.

So this raises two questions… Where does consciousness go when it’s not in the body, and are there truly people in this world that do not have consciousness (a soul)?

-Cameron Williams, Reader and Web Designer