Tarot vs Oracle cards

I have been a student of the Tarot for over 45 years now and I know that the fact that *I* know the difference between Tarot cards and other types of decks doesn’t mean that it’s common knowledge!  Simply put, Tarot is an ancient system of fortune telling or oracle cards.  It’s not the only one out there by a long shot!  Although there are examples of Tarot cards dating back to the mid-15th century, the deck as we know it was standardized in the late-19th century by Arthur Waite and Pamela Coleman-Smith who were members of the Hermetically Order of the Golden Dawn.

I recently decided to explore one particular alternative type of cartomancy – the Lenormand deck.  The deck was created by Marie Anne Lenormand (1772 – 1843) a famous French fortune teller  in the Napoleonic era.  Like the Tarot there are many versions.  It is a system of 36 cards, taken from a standard deck of playing cards.  Each of the 36 is assigned a designation like The Rider, The Ship, The Book.

Here is a summary of the differences.  The Tarot has 78 cards vs 36 for Lenormand.  Tarot has two parts; major and minor Arcana.  In the Lenormand all cards are given equal weight.  When a Tarot card is reversed it changes the meaning.  Lenormand cards are always read right side up.  The meaning of  Lenormand cards is dependent on proximity to other cards and they are read in combination with each other.
Magus carries many different Tarot decks and many Lenormand decks.  Picking a deck can be a wonderful adventure, looking at all the different art work and styles and choosing one that speaks to you.  We also carry many other types of oracle cards.  Come on in and explore!

-Carol, Tarot Reader