GORGE on Goodness; Resolutions Revolt!

Resolutions SUCK. We make them, we break them, we ignore them & hope we’ll just magickally be better next year.

I say: DOWN with Resolutions! Instead, how about this: We choose to Gorge ourselves with Goodness!

This could mean choosing your favorite healthy food (me, I love avacados) and let yourself GORGE on and revel in how great it is. Taking the standpoint that you are not only going to give yourself good things, but that you will gorge yourself on them. Don’t resolve to deny and deprive yourself; instead decide on the things you want More of in your daily, weekly, or monthly life and fill as many of your days as you can with it. Massage would be a great thing to Gorge out on. Making and drinking Kombucha would be a great thing to gorge yourself with. Taking a weekly ritual bath with essential oils is another great example of something you could do more of — Gorge yourself in and with — as a way to enhance and better your life.

Revolt on Resolution making! Gorge on that which expands your health and wellbeing! Shine light on what you want more of in life, and watch your life Expand in glorious ways!

-Mela, Store Owner