They want to discuss a flawed premise that it is our physical conditions that make us happy or unhappy. We set out to get happy by trying to control all the conditions around ourselves, i.e. certain standard of living, certain goals that we want to obtain, surrounding ourselves with a nice house, nice car, nice clothes, etc. And we think this is the key to our happiness/unhappiness. But many times once we obtain our goals and are surrounded by what we thought would make us happy, we are still unhappy.

ALSO on the other end of the stick, many, many people are unhappy now, because they have not obtained what they want and so they are unhappy all day long, because they don’t have what they want in life.

So this is why so many super successful people still aren’t happy, and this is why so many people keep themselves for most of their lives in a state of “incompleteness” and unhappiness. They don’t realize how to get happy. They think that the Universe should give them what they want FIRST and THEN they’ll be happy. BUT that just puts a barrier in between them and happiness, because of the way the Universe is set up.

The message here is to understand that your desires tell you where you want to put your focus in your life, but they should not control your happiness in this moment. You make yourself happy from the inside out. Not the outside in. Do not require certain conditions be met for your happiness, because it won’t work anyway.

7 OF PENTACLES: This is about someone trying to exert their will to make conditions the way they want them to be.

KING OF CUPS: This is about someone who has successfully controlled their conditions to how they want them to be, but they still feel like something is missing.

STRENGTH: This is about feeling like you’ll feel happy when that thing off in the future happens. But for now you’re not happy, because you don’t have that condition met yet.

ACE OF PENTACLES: This goes with STRENGTH: She is focused on that one thing that she thinks will make her happy. The pentacle is symbolic of having a “one track mind” where is focused on that thing she wants (which is a good thing), except she’s not happy right now, because she doesn’t have it yet.

*The Elders are a compilation of All Knowing souls described by Holly as “God energy” that speak to Holly in one voice.