My massage experience with Alythia

Recently, Alythia (our new massage therapist apprentice at Magus) and I decided to commit ourselves to a daily Yoga routine together.  An added bonus to that is that I get to have the opportunity to sample Alythia’s massage therapy skills which she acquired working at Juut Salon, and being trained at Aveda.  Alythia is an apprentice under Magus’ master massage therapist Mela.  And it is paying off!  After an intense Yoga session involving several moon salutations and difficult balancing and stretching postures, Alythia was kind enough to give me a much needed massage.  

First off, she and I share a similar taste in music…heavy friggen metal!  This was the first time I got to experience a massage with death metal playing, and I felt right at home.  Alythia also incorporated a chakra analysis at the beginning of the session in which she scanned my chakras and then presented me with a few different herbal chakra oil choices.  I ended up choosing the crown chakra oil, and the smell was very pleasant and uplifting as she worked the oil through my sore muscles.  

Without even explaining to Alythia where a lot of my spinal issues were, she managed to find them and go town on them.  Her massage started off fairly gentle and soothing, but once she found those problem areas she was would not stop until they were eased!  This hurt me to some degree, but it was the good kind of hurt because I honestly felt like she popped out every single knot and ache in there!  Because of this I have nicknamed her the Spine Ninja.  She perceived the sources of my body’s pain better than I can, and annihilated the crap out of it!  

As a result of her amazing skills she learned more about what types of Yoga I would need to do to work these issues out.  Also, throughout the day I was in an incredibly good and uplifted mood.  I truly look forward to continue to receive healing help from Alythia in the future and I would recommend her to anyone who was in need of some spinal work.  I have no doubt that she has excellent skills in other areas of the body, and I am proud to have her aboard our Magus team.

-Kyle Ford, Magus Minion and Assistant Manager