Invigorate your Body, Mind & Spirit

What’s your morning routine like? Do you jump out of bed minutes before you need to get out the door, or do you intentionally wake earlier and give yourself ample time to get ready?

I have created a way to get in exercise, meditation, and magick in in less than 20 minutes!

How is that? Easy! I call them Mela’s Magick Sun Salutations.

I sit and center myself on my yoga mat. I breathe in and out, noticing how my body feels, where my breath is going into (am I breathing into my diaphram, or shallow breaths?) without judging or trying to change my breathing. I take note of where I have tension, and how my spine is aligned. I take about 2 minutes for this check-in with my body, and then set my intent for my SunSalutations. That early in the morning, my brain is still revving up, so I often default to an intention of “For the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. May it fill me, so that I may Radiate and Shine through my day”

Then I slowly begin to sync my body and my breath as I move through the poses.

Mountain pose. Swan dive down into a forward bend. Right leg back into a lunge. Left leg back into the Plank position. Push hips up & anchor my arms to the mat as I move into Downward Dog. Back into plank. Bend the knees and swoop up into Cobra. Breathe into my heart chakra. Push up into plank again. Flow back to Downward Dog. Plank (yea, again). Step the right foot up into lunge. Left foot meets the right and I do a beginner’s Eagle pose. Forward bend again. Then pull myself up, vertebra by vertebra into the standing Mountain Pose again. Then I do it again, stepping back with my left foot this time.

That is one round of the Sun Salutation. All together, I do 4 of them. I choose four to honor and invoke Jupiter & it’s beneficence. In between each round, I do a Balancing pose that helps me feel solid in my core and grounded. So I do a total of 3 balancing poses; I do this so that I get to the number of 7, which is for Venus, and I do that to honor and invoke Love into my day.

In each set of the Sun Salutations, I also add push-ups right after Cobra, and before I do the plank. I do 7 or 11 push ups, depending on which round I’m on. Again, 7 representing for me Love, or 11 which to me symbolizes breaking from the Wheel of Life into the realm of the Mystical Magickal world.

I then sit on my mat, and tune into myself again. First I notice the big differences compared to how I felt 20 minutes before: I feel the circulation in my body has increased, and so I feel more open and loose, while also noticing that my posture feels more correct and stable. I feel my breath expanding through my entire body. Tension is alleviated in most areas.

I then intentionally practice gratitude, and thank my Practice…. I thank my body, I appreciate my mind, and am amazed at how connected I feel to Spirit.

And that’s it! That is how I begin each and every day. In the past 6 months, I have skipped exactly 2 mornings…. And then regretted it throughout the day.

People often ask how I maintain my physique… this 20 minutes each morning, is my Secret-not-a-secret, of how I combine exercise, meditation, and magick in my formulation of a foundationally fabulous day!