Herbal Stress Relief

After a long and busy day, using an herb or two to unwind can be a wonderful stress reliever.  There are many herbs that can help de-stress from a hard day.  Some are great for people who are usually cold; others are a good choice for people with mild indigestion.  Let’s explore them and find the perfect relaxation herbs!

Today I am posting about Linden Flower.  Linden Flower is a classic relaxant.  Once considered the mildest of narcotics, Linden is mildly sweet and a little relaxing.  The label “narcotic” was taken away from this little beauty once scientists understood the chemical structure of narcotics.  They discovered that Linden is not a narcotic at all!  It simply acts to relax tensions.  This is especially true when it comes to tensions felt when arguing.  This is indicated by a story that comes out of Europe.  The story says that it was desirable to have town meetings under Linden trees if a town hall was not available.  The reason?  People would argue less and the meetings would end sooner if people could inhale the light fragrance of the Linden tree in bloom!  

Linden is a little cooling to the body, so it is ideal for someone who becomes hot easily.  Not only does it make a mild herb tea, it is also great in the bath!  Making an entire pot of the tea and pouring one cup to drink and two or three cups into a warm bath can be a great way to relax.  A Linden bath is also a great way to get a fussy toddler ready for bed with less resistance.  It is also thought to help someone who is habitually tense avoid hypertension, especially if there is a family history of heart disease.  This is a tree with many names, and while herbalists tend to use a European name: Linden, there is also an American name: Basswood.  

-Liz Johnson, Store Owner